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I am Jean. Typical tumblelogs would probably tell you what obsessions the users have in this description here, but mine isn't so, NO. You'd have to actually look at what I reblog and post (mostly reblog, since no one seems to really appreciate and spread my posts) here.

Follow only if you mean it and think you'd NOT unfollow. I would like you to warn you before you decide to or not to click that follow button that I spazz about Korean stars on a regular basis and they might be very hatable to some for their drop-dead gorgeousness. You've had fair warning.

The difference between hope and faith.

Lucas, 5 years, reacting to Let It Go Multi-Language (x)


Kids React to Frozen - Let It Go (Multi-Language) [x]

This kid took off his fucking hat! I need a kid like this.

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Hi Zoe! Yourself and Alfie seem to have a beautiful relationship and I'm glad you've both chosen to share bits of it with us, but I always find myself wondering how different you feel now with the publicity of it compared to when it was a secret. Have you found people to be more overwhelming since it has become candid or more casual and enjoyable? Wish you both the best and you guys are adorable xx love you 


I think as time as gone on, and our relationship has solidified, it’s a lot easier and a lot more comfortable to be ourselves a little more in the vlogs and I think people appreciate that and have been a lot more casual. There are obviously still things we like to keep to ourselves as our lives are pretty much consumed with youtube, so we like to take some time out just to be zoe and alfie every now and then, with no cameras, no tweeting etc etc :) But it makes me happy that so many people respect what we choose to share :) x

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little one…


little one…

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Alfie supporting Zoe’s new bookADORBS.


Alfie supporting Zoe’s new book

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"I also love how much he adores my Zoe and feel relaxed knowing she is happy and well.” (Alfie being adorable part 3 )

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